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Spruce & Pine Repaving and Safety Project

posted Jun 6, 2018, 12:41 PM by Wash West   [ updated Jun 6, 2018, 12:42 PM ]
At the June 4th meeting of the City Council Committee on Streets and Services the Committee voted in favor of bills 180512 and 180514, ordinances to revise parking regulations on Spruce and Pine Streets between Broad and Second Streets. The bills will now be introduced to the full Council for a vote, probably within the next three weeks. If passed by Council the ordinances will enable the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems to implement the Re-Paving and Safety Project, which will flip flop the current parking and bike lanes on both streets.

Your Civic Association president, Rick Spitzborg, testified at the Committee hearing in support of the bills.

For more than a year the Civic has fostered opportunities for public discussions on the bike lanes. We have been adamant about transparency and information sharing by OTIS. We reached out to the Bicycle Coalition, the Parking Authority and to the Councilman, to ensure that the conversations were inclusive. Most importantly we created opportunities for Wash West residents and businesses to be part of the dialogue.

The biggest take away from all that we heard is that safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers is compatible with our neighborhood values. On the subject of whether bike lanes should be situated on the north or the south side of Pine and Spruce Streets there was no consensus: the number of opponents and proponents were about the same.

Changes in vehicular lanes will have an impact beyond traffic flow and safety. Parking and loading zones will be changed. There is an opportunity  to revisit how on-street parking should be restricted, enforced and paid for. Sidewalk intrusions and amenities are also part of the equation. The Civic Association has negotiated successful outcomes in all of these areas. 

There will be a net increase in parking spaces on Spruce and Pine. There will be opportunities for businesses that rely on truck delivery to establish loading zones. On those blocks governed by residential parking permit (RPP) regulations parking will become governed by posted time limits and RPP override, but there will be no meter nor kiosk collection. In addition all existing single space meters will be removed and the sidewalks will restored to a flush, walkable and safe surface. 

We welcome your comments and observations at and we will continue to post updates on the Civic's electronic and social media platforms.