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posted Dec 6, 2018, 1:36 PM by Wash West   [ updated Dec 6, 2018, 1:37 PM ]
Wash West is Cleaned Up
Saturday was an opportunity to clean it out and get rid of it. And many residents of Wash West did just that.

The shredding truck at Seger Park was grinding away the entire 3 hours as folks continuously brought documents for disposal. Neighbors picked up hundreds of compostable leaf bags and borrowed the dozens of rakes and brooms provided by the Civic to help people clean their sidewalks. And Streets Department personnel and equipment roamed the neighborhood to clean the gutters and streets of litter, debris and leaves.  

If it was a perfect world we'd be spotless: every resident would have swept their sidewalks, everyone would have observed the temporary parking restrictions, and the Civic would have had enough money to pay for more Streets Department services. Every year we get closer and closer to that goal, thanks to all of you who help make the Wash West Neighborhood Clean Up Day successful. 

Clean Up Day is one of the services provided by the Civic Association in response to your requests to make Wash West a cleaner neighborhood. We also contract for sidewalk cleaning and graffiti abatement. And while we are very grateful to Jefferson Health and the offices of Senator Farnese and Representative Sims for their support, it is the Civic who pays the lion's share of these costs.

It costs close to $30,000 a year to operate these clean up programs. To continue them in 2019 we need your support. Please make a donation now in support of our fund raising campaign. Every dollar you contribute is spent in the neighborhood — your neighborhood.