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Public Safety Committee

Committee Chair:
J Nathan Bazzell | safety@washwestcivic.org

Please contact the chair to participate in this committee, or if you have any questions about what we do!

The goal of this committee is to provide residents of Wash West a superior quality of living experience. We are focused on making our neighborhoods crime-, trash- and grafitti-free, in addition to working with the city to provide additional lighting to dark streets and alleyways. These elements, when combined, will have a positive effect towards crime reduction throughout our neighborhoods. 

If you want to get involved in helping to keep your neighborhood a safer and cleaner place to live and work, joining the Public Safety Committee is an email away at safety@washwestcivic.org.  

WSWCA Town Watch

We have an active Town Watch that walks through the community, looks out for our neighbors and reports any incidents or unsafe conditions.  If you would like to volunteer a few hours each month, please email safety@washwestcivic.org.

Police Service Area 3

Safety is certainly a priority in Wash West. We encourage everyone to attend our PSA 3 (Police Service Area) meetings held at 6:00 pm, the second Tuesday of every month prior to our regular board meetings.  The meetings are held in conjunction with the civic’s Public Safety Committee staff. Check our calendar for meeting places.

A representative of the 6th District Police Department will be on hand to discuss crime, recent arrests and address any of your concerns.  Please come out and make your voice heard about any unwanted activity in your neighborhood.

Lt. Kevin Rice is our PSA 3 Lieutenant.  He wants to remind everyone to get to know your neighbors, be familiar with their routine so you can identify any unusual happenings.  One way to meet your neighbors is to attend a PSA 3 meeting.  

Have a question or comment for Lt. Rice?  He encourages email contact at ppd.06_psa3@phila.gov

If you have a comment for the Civic’s Public Safety Committee or have an interest in joining, send Karen Adams a note at safety@washwestcivic.org.