Street Lighting

Lighting Grants
Washington Square West Trust is offering a $75 reimbursement grant for all Washington Square West residents or property owners who improve the security in the currently ‘dark’ areas around Wash. West by adding new or replacing inoperative lighting.  These areas must be accessible by the general public to qualify, but lighting for a dark alley does. Also, upgrading your current front door lighting to a nice shiny brass fixture does not qualify (sorry!), but replacing that useless knob and wire floodlight on the shared sidewalk out back does.

In order to qualify, the resident must notify the Civic that they are planning to apply for the grant so someone can meet with them and look over the current state.  Contact the Civic at Once the lighting unit has been purchased, we’ll need a copy of the receipt(s), which will then be submitted to the Trust for processing.

Relighting Wash West
In an effort to increase visibility and decrease crime rates in our neighborhood the WSWCA has embarked on a project to light every street and alleyway in Washington Square West.

Ongoing fundraising efforts have succeeded in lighting several blocks (see the map below) but we have a long way to go before every block is finished.