Tree Planting

We have an active tree planting program supported by grants and individual contributions. We plant a dozen or more trees in the neighborhood each year, for a total of over 600 trees so far. The Greening Committee also plants flowers and shrubs in public locations throughout Wash West each spring and summer.

Street Trees: 
  • Cool and clean the air by providing shade, giving off cooling moisture, releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • Reduce noise by acting as sound baffles.
  • Reduce glare given off by road surfaces, buildings, street lamps, reflected sunlight and car headlights.
  • Increase property value and enhance the "curb appeal" of your home.
  • Enhance the quality of life by softening the city landscape and adding beauty to the neighborhood.

The WSWCA Greening Committee can help you to:
  • Plant a new street tree in front of or alongside your property
  • Remove and replace a dead or diseased tree or stump adjacent to your property
Tree planting on city streets involves much more than simply picking out  a tree and digging a hole for it. The planting site must be checked for  the presence of utility conduits, permits must be obtained, sidewalks have to be broken and the debris 
hauled away -- not to mention the headache of finding an affordable contractor to do the work. The Greening Committee streamlines the process by engaging one contractor to do all the tree plantings in Wash West each year; the contractor takes care of getting the appropriate permits and site checks, and guarantees all trees for one year from date of planting.

The cost of tree planting is subsidized by the Greening Committee with funds received from donations and grants. The result of the Committee's efforts is that individual property owners pay considerably less per tree than they would if they pursued the process on their own.

The cost of tree planting to the property owner will vary, depending, among other things, on the type of tree requested and the amount of money available to the Greening Committee for subsidies.

Applications for tree planting are accepted through the end of September for planting in fall/winter of the same year. A small non-refundable deposit is required for placement on the planting list. The full contribution of the property owner must be paid in advance of planting but no later than October 1st.

The property owner assumes ownership of any tree planted through this program, and must agree to provide continued care and maintenance. WSWCA and the Greening Committee do not assume any liability for tree-planting work for which the property owner has given permission.

Guidelines for choosing a location for a new tree:
  • The sidewalk must be wide enough to accommodate the tree without impeding pedestrians.
  • Trees may not be planted where there they would interfere with an active driveway or other curb cut.
  • Trees may not be planted directly on a street corner.
  • The location may not be within 6 feet of a fire hydrant and must be free of utility access covers.
  • If the location you've chosen is on or close to the property line, check with the other property owners to see if they have any objection to planting a tree there. In some cases, WSWCA may require owners of other affected properties to sign a letter of consent before proceeding with tree planting.
To request tree-planting services in Wash West, email Likewise, if you would like to contribute time or money to the Tree Planting Fund, please call the WSWCA or email us at